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Fellow New Yorkers,

I am honored to be a candidate for Manhattan District Attorney. There is no higher purpose of government than the fair administration of justice and no greater opportunity to serve than as District Attorney of New York County. I am proud to be a candidate to succeed Robert Morgenthau, who has set an example for prosecutors throughout the United States with his commitment to fair, non-partisan criminal prosecution.

I am absolutely committed to ensuring our safety from violent, organized, and financial crimes, as well as ensuring the utmost fairness and integrity in the criminal justice system. Now, more than ever, we must insist on public safety and accountability. And we must treat all individuals who pass through the criminal justice system with respect and compassion.

I am proud to have worked nationally against the death penalty for over 14 years. Capital punishment has been the single issue in our criminal justice system that most egregiously undermines fairness and justice. Any candidate for DA must have a demonstrated commitment to the ideal of fairness, extending over decades.

I intend to combine years of business and finance experience with long tenure as a prosecutor, lawyer, and government official to bring efficiency and innovation to the DA’s office and, moreover, to enhance the office’s focus on financial and white collar crime and official corruption, as well as violent crime. There has never been a time or a place that demands real-world financial experience in a DA candidate more than today in New York.

Principle, not politics or party affiliation, must guide the voters in their selection for this iconic position. If elected, I in turn will demand of each of my assistants an absolute commitment to fairness and a strong belief in public service.

Election Day is November 3, 2009, and I am the nominee of the Republican and Liberal parties. I am grateful for your consideration and support and look forward to discussing with you the crucial issues facing our great city.


Gregory T. Camp